Call for Papers

The research contributions may be methodological, technical, empirical or analytical in nature. In particular, papers that report the research contributions backed by pervasive communication architecture and intelligent software models are strongly encouraged. All the research papers should provide research implications in the context of ubiquitous technologies and intelligent social networking practices. Papers that apply the existing technologies should clearly highlight their novelty or its significant impact on the pervasive communication technologies in the proposed work.

Pervasive Computing

Ubiquitous networking and sensing models
Smart interface design models
Data mining techniques
Smart crowdsourcing and intelligent models
Human-Computer Interaction models
Social intelligence and computing models
Adaptive Computing in Robotics systems
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models
Machine-to-Machine Communication
Intelligent user interface models
Brain-machine interaction
Pervasive wearable communication models
Deep Learning and Deep Computation
Smart Grid Computing and Cloud Computing
Smart systems [smart home, gaming, healthcare, Cities and transportation, etc.]
Smart Space Systems and Techniques
Autonomic Computing

Social Networking

Opportunistic networks Models and Applications
Internet of things and its Architectures
Wireless Sensor networks
RFID systems, design and Implementations
Big data and cyber-physical systems
Heterogeneous Multilevel Networks
Peer to Peer Social Networking Models
Web-based Semantic models and commodities
Challenges and Opportunities in Social Networking
Edge and Fog Computing in Social Networks
Context-Aware Mobile Social Networks
Smart authentication and authorization models
Cyber Security and Cyber-physical systems
Security Issues and Technical Challenges in Social Information Networks
Cloud Security models in Social Networks
BlockChain models in Social Information Networks

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